Sir Francis Ronalds and his Family

Betsey Ronalds

Betsey's watercolour of Greville's Red Camellia, imported from China. Western Archives

Betsey's watercolour of hummingbirds on a orange tree. Western Archives

Sir Francis Ronalds' cousin Elizabeth Ronalds (1788-1854), called Betsey by the family, was a talented horticultural illustrator.

Her best-known work is in her father's Pyrus Malus Brentfordiensis: or, a Concise Description of Selected Apples (1831), which has been described as "possibly the most beautifully illustrated of all English fruit books".

She also prepared illustrations for John Loudon's Arboretum et Fruticetum Brittanicum (1838) and numerous original watercolours and pencil sketches survive. Her beautiful pictures of fruit and flowers did much to promote the family's nursery business.

Betsey and Sir Francis were just a few weeks apart in age and both were well educated, travelled widely and chose not to marry. Betsey had a more conservative and serious outlook on life than her cousin, but they shared interests across architecture and engineering as well as art, and both created books in the 1830s containing their lithographs. Sir Francis' youngest brother Alfred also published a self-illustrated book at this time and later established himself as a professional lithographer, engraver and copperplate printer in Australia.

Artistic ability continued to flow through subsequent generations, as exemplified by Alfred's daughter Maria Shanklin and granddaughter Henrietta Gulliver, as well as his sister Maria's descendants Hugh Carter and William Francis Carter.

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