Sir Francis Ronalds and his Family

Maria Carter née Ronalds

Maria's sketch made using Sir Francis' perspective drawing instrument. Courtesy IET

Quarry Hill in Battle, East Sussex

Sir Francis Ronalds' fifth and youngest sister Maria (1804-1880) married his friend Samuel Carter (1805-1878), a solicitor who played a key role in the development of the British rail network. He advised two major corporations (Midland Railway and London & North Western Railway) for almost 40 years.

Samuel had grown up in an influential Coventry family. His uncle John Carter was town clerk for many years - he was apparently the model for the character Mr Hawley, "who was afraid of nobody", in George Eliot's Middlemarch. Samuel was briefly the MP for Coventry and funded an art school and a library for the city.

Maria and Samuel retired to a property called Quarry Hill, sited where William the Conqueror's forces gathered in preparation for the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Sir Francis lived his last years very close by in the village of Battle and was buried in the cemetery there.

Samuel was one of Sir Francis' strongest supporters. He provided business advice on his inventions and, after his death, shaped his collection of electrical books into the renowned "Ronalds Library". Maria and Samuel's son Hugh Carter (1837-1903) painted his portrait and another son John Corrie Carter also strove over many years for greater recognition of both Sir Francis' and Alfred Ronalds' accomplishments.

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